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Templar Pilgrimage Trust

Registered Charity Number: 1191505


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We have been making modest grants for over 40 years to individuals and groups wishing to make a pilgrimage to a Christian shrine, but needing extra funds to travel.

We are especially keen to assist young pilgrims and pilgrims with disabilities to make pilgrimages by providing them additional with funding.

We want pilgrims to experience the many benefits that pilgrimages offer.

We want to help them make extraordinary journeys.

The number of applications for grants is increasing.  The pilgrims applying for grants are finding it more and more difficult to pay for their pilgrimages. Some are able to raise funds themselves, for example by sponsored activities, but some are not. 

A group leader recently wrote telling us that ‘The cost now is such that the pilgrimage is becoming cost prohibitive for many students’. 

People who stand to gain greatly from pilgrimage – disabled people, nurses, young people and students – are among those finding it hardest to raise funds.

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