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St Johns Blackpool

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St John's Blackpool is a growing, vibrant, Church of England parish church.

We have a firm faith that through Jesus we can know 'life in fullness'. That's a life where we are confident in our identity as God's children, and can live in the joy and peace of that identity regardless of what circumstances come at us. It's also a life where we also have an unshakable confidence that our ultimate destination is eternity with our Heavenly Father.

Blackpool is known as a socially deprived seaside town with addiction, low life expectancy, poverty, joblessness, mental health problems and all sorts of other issues. 

We see a different future though!

We refuse to accept the status quo. We have an ambitous Mission & Growth programme to reach people with the hope of Jesus Christ and in doing so break down hoplessness and despair. You can read more here: https://www.stjohnsblackpool.com/vision

To achieve all this we need resources, and a building fit for mission. 

Please give generously and support us!

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