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Musical Theatre & Evangelism, UK - Gary and Jaime Crick

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As a family, we founded and run Manna  We as a couple are full-time Christian workers, working for the mission God has called us to, with 4 beautiful children, we travel between UK bases in the West Midlands and Surrey as a family after school and weekends.

We are registered here with stewardship, meaning we rely on sponsorship for our family's income.

Musicals - We run a Christian musical theatre company involving the whole family. Learning in a God Centred environment, we go on to produce musicals with a message, performed in professional theatres. Our musicals have a message that speaks of our faith.

Missions- Reaching out to the community in arts and drama and speaking engagements with Team Remnant a small performance team.

Audio Theatre - We have set up a subscription-based Audio drama library full of Christian messages for all the family.

We have set our hands to do this as a family, from grown-up children to parents we love reaching the nation for Jesus through the arts.

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