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Trauma Recovery Centre

Registered Charity Number: 1141659


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Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC) exists to facilitate families recovering from Complex Trauma.

Our specialist team of creative psychotherapists provide 1:1 trauma recovery focused therapy to children, youth & young adults, alongside our specialist therapeutic team providing psychoeducation, support and strategies to parents/ carers.

We work with those who have been through traumatic experiences which are overwhelming and involves an intense sense of terror, powerlessness & overwhelm. We specialise in Complex Trauma & work with refugees, victims of human trafficking, child sexual exploitation and multiple pervasive abuse. 

We faciliate families to process the trauma, helping them move from psychological shock through to recovery. We support them as they piece their lives back together until a wholeness can be found.

TRC have a clinical evidence base, showing their work to be effective & recovery possible www.trc-uk.org/evidence-base 

Watch our YouTube video on trauma https://youtu.be/eVhWwciaqOE

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