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TASTE seeks to demonstrate the love of Christ as they serve disadvantaged communities in Nigeria. A primary focus is in the provision of clean drinking water supplies provided from a borehole developed by TASTE for the community.

Our work is focussed in communities where women and children bear the burden of water collection, often walking 5k per trip to collect water of questionable quality. TASTE also educates the communities including children in local schools about the importance of good basic hygiene and sanitation practices. TASTE was registered in 1999 and since then has helped over 500,000 individuals gain access to clean drinking water, and sanitation and hygiene facilities. TASTE delivers Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Training. The WASH training teaches selected community members the risks of using contaminated water, provides education on safe hygiene practices, Covid-19 and nutrition awareness. The training event outlines responsibility for ongoing maintenance.

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