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Tyndale House

Registered Charity Number: 1161396


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Tyndale House has a track record of providing high level biblical scholars for the worldwide church. In 2015 scholars closely associated with Tyndale House produced more than one book every 10 days. 

Over 50% of the committee members for the two most popular modern English Bible translations (the ESV and NIV) have spent substantial time at Tyndale House. We're a small organization with a large impact, and since we have a relatively small budget your support impacts us disproportionately.

Our Mission: To serve the Church and to reach out to the world by fostering evangelical biblical scholars and developing world-class evangelical biblical scholarship.

Our Vision: We aim to raise up scholars who will equip the next generation of teachers and pastors for the global Church. We seek to support them at each stage of their careers and to enable them to be a prominent and articulate voice within academia in favour of a high view of the biblical text.

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