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A legacy giving account helps you to continue your generosity beyond your lifetime.

Whether it’s making sure that the charitable causes you currently give to will continue to be well supported, or leaving an amount for others to distribute when you’re gone.


 create your legacy



how it works

Discover how simple it is to set up a legacy of giving that lasts beyond your lifetime...

A legacy giving account can be set up in three simple steps: 

  1. Choose how much you want to give

Consider the proportion of your estate that you want to give away and what charitable causes you would like to support.

   2.  Speak to your solicitor

Ask your solicitor to add a gift to Stewardship in your Will. This may be the only charitable gift that you make from your Will. In making a gift to Stewardship (a UK-registered charity) in your Will, your estate may benefit from a decrease in Inheritance tax.

   3.  Complete a letter of wishes

Once your Will has been written to include a gift to Stewardship, the next step is to write to us with your letter of wishes. Typically this letter lists your requested recipients and, usually in percentage terms, how you wish for the total balance to be distributed among them.

why set up a legacy giving account?

Here are the main features and benefits of a legacy giving account...


You can choose to make changes to your letter of wishes at any time, without the cost of seeing a solicitor.


Legal fees are kept to a minimum. All you have to do is ask your solicitor to add a gift to Stewardship in your Will and provide us with a letter of wishes.

Continue your regular giving

Benefit charities by continuing your regular giving after your lifetime rather than leaving a single lump sum gift in your Will.


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