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Nicholas Roux
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Nicholas Roux

Payroll Bureau Technician

Nicholas is a Payroll Technician, providing payroll services and expertise to churches and charities all around the UK.  He takes pride that people get paid on time and that all HMRC requirements are fulfilled.

Nick and his wife come from South Africa where Nick was a Pastor and youth leader for 13 years.  He worked with teenagers from various backgrounds in every area of South Africa, and sometimes work led him to other Southern Africa countries.

They moved to the United Kingdom on New Year’s Eve in 2019 and have settled in Cardiff.

‘I am passionate about causes that help children and youth because, I once was heading down a dark path as a young person, when the light of God’s word led me away from the path that I was following into a future of hope and self-worth. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for those people who work in youth ministry.’


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