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For over a decade we asked the same simple question:

“What if Lent was about more than just giving stuff up?” Here's an archive of resources which you can use to answer the question

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What was 40acts?


Created by Stewardship, 40acts was a generosity Lent challenge that became a movement of over 100,000 people on a mission to impact their communities by creating moments of radical generosity.

We published the final set of resources five years ago when we decided to focus our energies on urgent issues that our partners were facing after the pandemic. We've had many people request access to the resources we produced and wanted to make them widely accessible.

Archived resources to use

We've curated six collections of 40acts resources for you to use. If you are new to 40acts you can start anywhere you like. If you have done it before why not relive your favourite challenges by creating a customised plan.

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Grow in generosity


2019 - 40acts


Every generous act matters and every moment of generosity moves your community forward, whether an inch or a mile. Imagine if you took the plunge and dedicated each of the next 40 days to generosity, beginning with your closest neighbours.


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2018 - 40acts


We all want to live lives of radical, community-transforming generosity. Many of us think it’ll start when we hit a life-changing event or hear a thundering voice from heaven. But the good news is that generosity is something you can choose to invest time into now.


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2017 - 40acts


40 days stretch before us. 40 days full of possibilities, opportunities and choices to make about living generously. So let’s gear up and get ready to give – wholeheartedly, creatively, even surprisingly, but above all, get ready to be generous.


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2016 - 40acts


The next forty days will be fun, rewarding, challenging and profoundly counter-cultural. Are you prepared to be countercultural? Jesus was. And 2,000 years later, generosity is just as counter-cultural as it was at the time of the crucifixion. It's still free. It's still available in abundance and it's still available to everyone, everywhere.


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2015 - 40acts


From the very beginning the Lord had a plan for reconciliation and redemption. It didn’t happen by chance and it didn’t alter over time. The generosity of the cross was a plan. When it comes to our own generosity, having a plan – whatever we may feel about that – can allow generosity to spread further than we can imagine.


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2014 - 40acts


Whether you’re the pastor of a church, a single parent, a Twitter superstar or a self-confessed technophobe, the fact is that to someone, somewhere, YOU are an important voice and what you say and do matters. Consider your 'reach' and the spheres of influence you have. Be the bringer of a message of generosity.


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40acts - brought to you by Stewardship

For over 100 years, we've helped Christians, charities and churches activate generosity, resource their calling and make a difference in Jesus' name.

Our community of generous stewards unite to use all God has given us to love Him, love one another, and love our neighbours as ourselves.

We call this Active Generosity.

A call to all year round generosity


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The 40acts Bible Reading Plan

We created this Bible reading plan to be a generosity challenge centred around the theme of being Ready to Act. As you read along you will be taken on a journey through the wise instructions given to us in the Book of Proverbs. The plan is 47 days long as it also includes seven Sunday reflections.

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40 acts plan

Generosity is often hard to find

But wait around long enough and it'll eventually find you

The essence of 40acts and being generous in general is being open to an opportunity when it arrives. It could be something small to you, but it could mean the world to someone else. Generosity is a moment waiting to happen.