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Support Raising Training - October 2024

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About the training

Many Christian workers scrape by financially, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

On our training we examine Biblical principles, challenge misconceptions and equip you to build a team of partners who will support with you in prayer, financially and with encouragement, ensuring your work is sustainable.

We will help you discover that support raising is much more than a financial transaction or 'asking for money'. It's about partnership in the Gospel. 

What is the impact of the training?

On average delegates see their monthly support increase by over £300 in the months following the training. While some have increased their support by over as much as £2500 a month

Who is it for?

Our training is for those with a Stewardship Partner Account for Individuals or those whose support goes to their organisation’s Stewardship Partner Account for Churches or Charities.

If you are unsure, give us a call on 020 8418 8195.


Individual ticket £149 - Early bird £99

Couple's ticket £199 - Early bird £149


To make the training accessible, we subsidise the price at £149 per person and offer an early bird price of £99 available until two weeks before training starts.

Bookings close on the Thursday before the start of the training.



If you are married, we encourage both spouses to do the training, even if only one of you is in a support raising role, so you both understand the journey. 

We ask you to join using separate devices where possible for managing breakout groups and to allow you to have your own journeys which you can then bring together.


Bursaries available

We have a fund to help towards the cost so please don't allow finance to be an obstacle. For more details, please contact our team and we will happily send you our simple form to complete.

October 2024 course dates

The training is made up of six sessions over three weeks. Our next course runs on the following dates. Attendance is required at all sessions. 

Booking closes midday on Thursday 26th September 2024, so we can send the course materials to you.

Tuesday  1st October  9:30-12:30pm
Thursday 3rd October  9:30-12:30pm
Tuesday 8th October  9:30-12:30pm
Thursday 10th October  9:30-12:30pm
Tuesday 15th October  9:30-12:30pm
Thursday 17th October  9:30-12:30pm

We know you will have more questions once you get going after the training. So we offer a free monthly Support Raising Surgery for those who have previously attended the training. You can bring any challenges, questions or concerns you might have. And you'll be encouraged and supported by others raising support. We'll also refresh you on different areas covered in the training so you aren't left to your own devices once the training has finished.

Important note

The training is designed to be undertaken as a whole, therefore attendance at all sessions is required.

If you are interested in future dates, please contact our team. 

Contact the team

If you have questions about Support Raising Training or the Partner Account for Individuals, please get in touch