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Impact made Simple: how to measure the social and spiritual impact of your organisation - October 2022

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“Far too many Christian ministries rely exclusively on anecdotes to convince themselves about impact. With greater visibility, Christian ministries can avoid strategies that are not working. Eido has best-in-class researchers who use proven techniques to measure impact. At ICM, we are constantly learning from Eido.” David Sutherland, CEO at International Care Ministries

If your organisation is going to manage, celebrate, and improve its impact, you need to be able to measure it.

But how can you measure things as intangible as social and spiritual impact? Whilst it is never possible to fully measure the work of God, we believe it is possible to measure the indicators and ‘fruit’ of his work.

Having built hundreds of impact evaluations for Christian based organisations, Eido will talk you through the steps necessary to measure your impact.

What topics will be covered in the training?

In this 2 hour training workshop, you will be introduced to Eido’s Impact Evaluation Methodology. The model simplifies a decade of experience in impact evaluation into five manageable steps.

The session will be interactive, building from a worksheet that you will complete throughout. The teaching is packed with examples that bring the model to life, as well as opportunities for live feedback from the course facilitators.

By the end of this session, you will have learned how to:

  • Build the right evaluation questions to underpin your research.
  • Identify the specific and unique indicators (i.e. beliefs, behaviours, experiences) of your programme that need to be measured.
  • Choose the right methodology, and research tools, to capture this evidence.

Who is it for?

  • Trustees and elders.
  • Church and Christian charity leaders.
  • Operations directors and church managers.
  • Anyone who needs to think through measuring the impact of their project, church or charity.

Please Note: This workshop only has capacity for ten organisations. You can join as an individual, but we encourage you to bring your team with you so that you can implement the ideas afterwards. Only one spokesperson will be able to interact with Eido and the other organisations taking part.

Who is our trainer?

Samuel Verbi is the Co-Founder and Head of Methodology of Eido Research.

Prior to this, he has four years of professional experience as a monitoring and evaluation freelancer, and five years of research experience completing his bachelor’s and master’s in sociology. Working with clients in charities, churches, and Christian development organisations around the world, his areas of strength include programme evaluation, research design, spiritual impact measurement and qualitative methodology.

Samuel stays in touch with the latest developments in academic theory, and is responsible for collaborating with our network of expert advisors who, together, ensure Eido methodology is current best practice.

Connect with him on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/samuel-verbi-02731ba5
Check out more on EIDO here: Eido Research


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“Working with Eido has been really stimulating. They have helped bring further insight to our process of understanding and tracking impact. They quickly understood how we work and what makes us tick and were able to really probe and challenge us in areas where we needed greater clarity.” - Tom Beaumont, Operations Director at Christians in Sport

“Eido worked with us to produce a piece of evaluation on our church culture. They were efficient, reliable, and highly sensitive during the research process. The data produced became a key component in a new church course. I would thoroughly recommend working with Eido in the future.” - Will Van Der Hart, Associate Pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton, London, United Kingdom

"For the first time we have a framework that allows fresh expressions of church to evidence their impact, which will enable better funding, more strategic investment and the ability to celebrate the kingdom growing.” - Heather Cracknell, Head Of Development for Fresh Expressions, Church of England


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