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Impact made simple: how to articulate the impact of your ministry

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I want everyone in my organisation to attend one of these webinars! It really helped me delve deeper into how we describe ourselves and why, how we can improve what we do to better serve our beneficiaries.

Fundraising Officer, Transforming Lives for Good

As a church, focussing on your mission is crucial as well as being able to see the spiritual and social impact on the individuals and communities you serve. But do you know how to articulate that impact in a way that rallies greater support, raises more funding and informs your future strategy for accomplishing what God has called you to do? Measuring impact can be very significant. Where do you start and what questions do you need to be asking?

Without guidance, you may limit your ability to maximise your impact, raise financial support and make the best use of the resources you have.

What will be covered in the training?

In this 2-hour training workshop, run in partnership with Eido Research, you will be introduced to Eido’s Impact Strategy Model. The model simplifies a decade of experience in programme design, impact evaluation and fundraising into five simple but challenging questions for you to answer.

The session will be interactive, building from a worksheet that you will complete throughout. The teaching is packed with examples that bring the model to life, and opportunities for live feedback from the course facilitators.

By the end of this session you will have learned how to apply the model in your own context, improving your strategy, fundraising, communications, quality of delivery and impact measurement.

Who is it for?

  • Trustees and elders
  • Church leaders
  • Ops directors and church managers
  • Fundraisers and those working in finance
  • Anyone who needs to think through the impact of their project, for their church.

Please Note: This workshop only has capacity for ten organisations. Join as an individual or bring your team with you so that you can implement the ideas afterwards. Only one spokesperson will be able to interact with Eido and the other organisations taking part

Why teach stewardship in the local church?

The main reason why every pastor should teach about stewardship in their church is because...

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Why teach stewardship in the local church?