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How do I grow generous givers in my Church?

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Two statements are true of all churches. The first is that churches never have enough money. The second is that churches have all the money they need to participate in God’s mission.

During this workshop we will explore the biblical foundations that can give your church a stronger financial footing. It also offers practical insights and steps to take that will inspire members of your congregation to grow in the grace of giving and play a vital part in fulfilling mission set out before them.

What topics will be covered in the training?

  • Re-defining Christian stewardship
  • Why you should teach biblical stewardship in the local church
  • A biblical perspective on giving and generosity
  • Why do people give to their church?
  • How to integrate stewardship teaching into your church’s life and activities.

Who is it for?

  • Church leaders who are seeking to increase giving to their church
  • Church leadership teams who want to engage more members of their communities to turn the church’s vision and plans into reality
  • Church planters who want to build up communities of generous givers