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How do I fundraise effectively for capital projects?

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If you are seeking to launch a capital campaign for your church or Christian ministry this workshop is for you. This session focuses on the steps you need to take before launching your campaign and what it takes to succeed.

During four interactive sessions you will discover the nine essential steps that can help you get ready for the campaign and the preparation of the fundraising and communications plans you need to turn your vision into reality.

Topics covered include:

  • A biblical perspective on capital campaigns
  • What is a capital campaign and different types of capital campaigns
  • The stages of a capital campaign
  • How to get your church or charity ready for a capital campaign
  • The why and how of a feasibility study
  • Building the campaign framework and raising the early funding
  • Fundraising effectively throughout the campaign
  • Loans available for building projects
  • Top reasons why capital campaigns fail

This workshop is for:

  • Christian CEOs and Board members whose ministries are about to embark on a capital campaign
  • Church leaders, Trustees and elders of churches considering a capital campaign for a building project
  • Christian fundraisers and volunteers already involved in running capital campaigns or about to embark on one