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How to create an effective fundraising plan from scratch

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Every new or growing charity needs to raise funds to fulfil their mission objectives and carry out their important work. And to do so they need to invite support from individual donors, grant-making trusts, churches, local community organisations and much more.

But if you are new to fundraising or just starting a new charity, the fundraising task might seem daunting and you might feel more than confused.

The good news is that you don’t need to navigate the sea of fundraising ideas and advice alone. Instead, you can come along to this day course and discover how to create an effective fundraising plan from scratch.

During three interactive sessions you will learn:

  • Four foundations for a biblically based fundraising plan
  • Key concepts and definitions for building a robust fundraising plan
  • What does ministry to your donors look like
  • A framework for an effective fundraising plan
  • How to put this learning into practice by creating your own plan

Who is it for: 

  • Small to medium organisations and charities
  • Christian ministry leaders
  • New fundraisers in Christian charities
  • People considering working as fundraisers in the Christian sector
  • Fundraisers and communications staff in Christian charities
  • Christian charity board members and volunteers responsible for fundraising 

Who is our trainer?

Redina Kolaneci a Christian Fundraising Consultant with over 18 year experience in Christian fundraising 

As a Christian fundraising consultant, trainer and researcher, Redina has helped hundreds of Christian fundraisers, marketers and church leaders in the UK, Europe, and Australia to sharpen their fundraising skills and multiply their income.

She is the author of numerous articles and blog posts on effective fundraising and communications.

Redina is passionate about equipping Christian charity leaders and fundraisers to build lasting partnerships with their supporters. In her consulting and training she helps them to build their fundraising strategies and activities upon strong biblical foundations.

Connect with her at: christianfundraisingconsultancy.com

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