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Is fundraising part of God’s plan for my ministry?

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How do you fundraise effectively and with integrity for a church or Christian charity? Should we just ask people just to pray for our cause or invite them to give too? What fundraising methods should I apply or avoid?

Attending this workshop will help you answer these questions and inspire you to become the kind of fundraiser that is able to engage the minds and hearts of Christian donors.

What topics will be covered in the training?

  • The four pillars fundraising for churches and Christian ministries
  • The distinctives of Christian fundraising
  • Biblical principles of fundraising
  • Understanding the UK fundraising landscape today
  • Plans and resources needed to fundraise effectively
  • Ask – Thank - Report – Repeat
  • How to measure fundraising success

Who is the training for?

  • CEOs and experienced fundraisers in small and medium sized churches and Christian ministries who want to understand key biblical principles of fundraising and apply them in their own settings.
  • New fundraisers in churches and Christian charities who want to discover how to communicate effectively with their supporters and reach their fundraising goals.
  • Trustees of churches and Christian charities and people who are or might be considering becoming fundraisers.