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Reuben Williams, worship leader

Why Prayer and Worship is my Cause: Reuben Williams, Worship Leader

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Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you discover your gift for music?

I grew up as a pastor's kid, and everyone in my family was a preacher. I very much felt like that wasn't my call. I can remember distinctly at about 12-13 years old, just saying, “God, give me something that is mine.” And, coincidentally, or so I thought at the time, I started learning the guitar, just because I thought it'd be a fun thing to do. I naturally ended up in youth bands and playing a bit at church.  I was hopeless, nobody would have called it a gift at that point. But I can remember meeting God in a time of worship, where he took me back to that prayer. And it was as though he was saying, “You asked for something...and here it is.” What I learned is that sometimes gifts don't come ready to be used out of the box, but they come in seed form. For me, it's been a process of constantly going back to God and saying, “Help me use this for your glory. Help me grow this, do what you want in it and through it.”

Why are you passionate about leading people in worship?

When I think about the church and the complexity of people's stories and lives and needs, I realise that I don't have what they need. But the presence of God is the place where he meets us exactly where we're at, in our need. And so I wouldn't even necessarily say I'm passionate about leading people in worship, but I'm passionate about people. As a result, I long to see them encounter God, freed and healed and living in the fullness of their life. I think the place of worship is so important for that. Scripture tells us that God enthrones himself on the praises of his people, so that fuels my passion to lead people in worship.

Are there any other specific biblical passages that have inspired you about worship?

One that I love is the image of heaven in Revelation, where we’re shown the angels and the saints, every tribe, and every tongue gathered around the throne of God in this beautiful moment of worship, where ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord’ is arising. I love that because it shows me that we're destined for worship when our souls enter that final resting place. I think there's something innate in us that longs for that here and now too. We're made for that moment where we worship God in eternity forever, and we already get to engage in it.

How would you say that worship forms a part of your giving? Or how does giving act as a form of worship?

Our English word ‘worship’ comes from this Anglo Saxon word weorthscipe, which means ‘To ascribe worth’. One of the predominant ways in which we do that in the church is through this sacrifice of song and praise that we recognise. But another way is by giving financially, because it’s an expression that this thing is worth something to me. I know that I can have quite an unhealthy relationship with money when left unchecked. I can find myself motivated by it or grasping after it, finding a sense of security and identity in money. So when I give financially, it's saying, ‘God, you are worth more to me.’ My giving becomes an act of worship, it forms part of my worship.

How has Worship Central helped to develop you as a young leader?

Firstly, it's inspired me. I've seen how God uses worship to transform people's lives. It's instructed me: the training and resources have been really practical in giving me the skills and the necessary knowledge to grow in my calling as a worship leader. One element I loved about Worship Central is that it creates space, to pray for the Spirit of God to impart something, because we recognise that it's not just about having head knowledge or practical skills, but it’s spiritual. It requires an impartation from the Holy Spirit to anoint us with the spirit necessary to lead worship.

Why is it important for the Church to support prayer and worship charities like Worship Central?

I believe worship is so central to what we do as Christians. The power of how God can meet us in our times of worship is immense. And we know that worship leaders play a role in facilitating those moments for local churches, all over the globe. Organisations like Worship Central that are committed to training people to do that, to the best of their ability, to grow in their calling, are essential. Not just for the worship leader, as the person engaging with it, but for the churches and congregations they represent. When people support the organisation financially above and beyond, it enables us to make the training, resources, podcasts, conferences, as accessible as possible for people.

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