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Why I Give: Eva Onyeulo

Catherine Durant Catherine Durant
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Eva is one of our newest team members, joining our Events team to help us manage the growing amount of training and events for Churches, Charities and Christian workers that we offer.

What causes are you particularly passionate about supporting and why?

There are two areas that I’m passionate about – one is helping ministers, ministries and churches to grow and the other is young adults finding and living for Jesus.

I believe that leaders need help because people rely on them and expect so much from them, but they have challenges and struggles too. Who is going to support the ones who support us?

I also believe in the next generation. There are things in my life that I wouldn’t have achieved if there wasn’t someone who saw the potential in me and gave me a chance to grow in it. Everyone should be given that opportunity. And when so many young people are searching in all the wrong places to fill that God-sized hole in their hearts, we need to be there to help lead them to Jesus.

What first got you interested in them?

During my time at university, I was part of the leadership team for a Christian society, and it was great because we saw many touched by God. It was also very difficult, trying to find the balance with our studies, having a healthy social life and working jobs as well. It gave me an insight into both aspects: being reached and doing the reaching, and seeing the level of support needed by leaders.

How has supporting these causes changed you?

I think if God has allowed you to see a problem or issue, he’s hoping that you will respond in prayer, but also in action. I love that I can serve not just in my local church, but allow God to use me in ways and capacities that are beyond me. I can do something that may seem small, like talk through plans and organisation structures with someone, but that can have a really big impact on their work and ministry.

What were you taught about generosity when you were a child?

When I was small, my parents helped many, many people with somewhere to live, food to eat and wherever else they could. They didn’t have much money, but what they did have, they were willing to share. My parents also taught me how to budget and the value of money, so thankfully, I’ve almost always been in a position to help others financially, even if I don’t have a lot coming in. Because of that giving nature I was brought up with, I know to give without expecting back.

Whats the hardest thing about giving?

It’s hard sometimes to find the balance between being a cheerful and generous giver and being prudent with your resources. Also, when your heart burns for many things, deciding what you choose to support and for how long can be challenging too.

Sometimes it can be difficult to trust that the people receiving your resources are utilising them in the right way. But when you are of the mindset that ultimately you are giving back to God, any stress or worry about how it’s being used is lessened because it’s in his hands – that is no longer your concern, you’ve done your part.

What do you know now about giving that you didnt know ten years ago?

I love to give, but for a long time I struggled to receive. One of my friends taught me that by not receiving generosity you are actually robbing that person of the opportunity to be blessed by God for giving. And you may also be blocking someone from being obedient to God.

This was strengthened as I learned about the idea of partnership between givers and those in Christian ministry at Stewardship. It’s the idea that by receiving gifts, you are creating opportunities for others to be blessed, to support your work, but also to serve God through what you’re doing.


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Catherine Durant

Catherine wrote and edited for Stewardship for 8 years. Before that, she worked in marketing for a theatre, spent time in mission focused on anti-trafficking in Asia and studied History of Art and English Literature at university.

Her interests are in anything arty – whether it’s visiting galleries, taking photos, going to concerts, or challenging herself to pick up a pencil and draw. She loves nothing more than an in-depth conversation with a friend, especially if there’s a cheese board involved.

She is passionate about the transformative power of the Bible and enjoys helping people dig into God’s Word. Catherine also cares deeply about issues of inequality and justice, particularly around the mistreatment of women.