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Andrew and Kathy, Stewardship Donor Advised Fund clients.

My giving journey: Andrew and Kathy

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The video below is Andrew and Kathy's story of how they learned to give as young Christian students, the joy they've experienced along the way and how their Donor Advised Fund account supports them today.

"I'm so thankful that I was encouraged to give as a young, not wealthy Christian. It's become a pattern, a discipline but also a huge joy and a huge blessing."  Kathy

"I would say the time to start giving is now. I started with not much money at all and it's grown from there. The widow didn't wait til she had more before she gave her mite and I don't think any of us should wait anymore either."   Andrew

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For those giving over £25,000 a year, our Donor Advised Fund enables you to donate tax-effectively in support of the causes you care about. We create a fund for you within Stewardship from which to manage donations to charities, churches and individuals in Christian ministry. Leave us to worry about the governance, administration and reporting requirements while you enjoy supporting the causes you care about without complications.

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Ruth Jackson

Ruth is leading the PR for Stewardship and the marketing communications for Philanthropy Services, with a focus on raising awareness of how the team is supporting and encouraging philanthropists in the UK. She joined Stewardship in April 2022.

She has over 25 years’ marketing communications experience across a range of sectors, including higher education, technology and the arts, both business- and customer-facing. 

Ruth worships and serves at Grace Church in Cambridge where she lives with her husband, two teenage daughters, one dog and two cats. When she’s not at her desk, you might find her rowing on the River Cam, in a ballet class or out for a walk.

She supports causes that are focused on alleviating global poverty and injustice, with a particular interest in supporting vulnerable children.

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