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Gospel music concert and crowd

Liverpool Lighthouse: Transformation through gospel music

Anu Omideyi, Music Director for Liverpool Lighthouse, tells us about the upcoming Liverpool Gospel Music Festival and the wider work that the charity is doing to bring gospel hope to the city.

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Bringing love, joy and hope

What we’re doing is different to what’s been done before. The power of the Word of God in music is reaching people in such a powerful way. We want to see gospel music embedded into mainstream culture; in an increasingly secular society our music is a powerful tool for bringing faith and the gospel into social consciousness.

On Saturday 9 September, thousands of people are gathering together to attend the Liverpool Gospel Music Festival. This is the only mainstream gospel music festival in the UK, featuring artists such as The Kingdom Choir, CalledOut Music, and so many more. This is the first year that we are hosting the event, which is such a point of celebration for us. We're deeply encouraged that so many people who have never been to church love gospel music and are engaging with the gospel message through our performances.

Anyone's warmly invited to come and celebrate gospel music at the festival with us, but we would particularly encourage Christians that inviting friends and neighbours to come along is not just fun, it’s evangelism too!

Investing in the next generation

At the festival, our youth choir will be performing, which is such a highlight of the day as we see young people joining together singing songs of gospel hope.

Over the last year we have been piloting a 'gospel music in schools' programme, which we’re delighted is being rolled out into 14 schools as a next phase, with an aim of all schools across Liverpool having access to our programme. We’ve seen the impact of gospel music in the lives of young people from a variety of backgrounds. It is incredible to see how gospel music unites and empowers teenagers, helps them to express themselves, and offers hope to a generation in need.

Empowering and platforming gospel musicians

We’ve seen the impact of artists like Stormzy, and how his music containing gospel truths is reaching millions – and we want to see more of that. Imagine if gospel themes and messages were much more front-and-centre in the music industry, how much more hope and joy would be on offer to our increasingly secular society?

Gospel artists are in the mainstream, but they are propping up the industry rather than being elevated themselves. We want to see gospel performers empowered and excelling in the industry, earning what they deserve as masters of their craft.

Quote: "in an increasingly secular society our music is a powerful tool for bringing faith and the gospel into social consciousness."

Who is Liverpool Lighthouse?

Liverpool Lighthouse is a charity with a Christian ethos, working with their local community to create thriving communities of people living more fulfilled lives.

As an arts and community centre, they use engagement with the arts to improve people's wellbeing, so they can go on to develop the skills they need to meet their aspirations. Their projects provide the local community and vulnerable groups with opportunities to develop skills, create and experience arts and culture and to connect with others, integrated with practical support for people in crisis or who need a helping hand.


To support the ongoing work of Liverpool Lighthouse and the Liverpool Gospel Music Festival, please make a one-off or regular gift.



It’s not too late to be part of the Gospel Music Festival this weekend – tickets are available online here. Consider who you could invite along to enjoy the music and encounter the hope of the gospel too!


Please join the Liverpool Lighthouse team in praying for the festival this weekend, that it would be a blessing to all who attend and perform. The team would also value your prayers for their work throughout the year; that more people across Liverpool and beyond would be able to encounter gospel hope through their performances and workshops.


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