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Money and Ministry


Stewardship's introduction to creating a healthy, sustainable ministry.



This series of short videos is designed specifically for those people who are answering God’s call to serve him in full-time ministry. 







Part One - Money and Ministry: where do we start?

What to expect (and what not to expect) from this series.  John Keskeys speaks with Stephen Mathews.


Part Two - The battle of the mind

How does it feel to raise and live on support or be part of someone’s ministry?  We consider four biblical examples to help explore these questions. Fiona Mearns speaks with Mike Frith.

Extra resources:

Handout - The Battle of the Mind

The Push and the Pull Back (blog)



Part Three - Support raising: one person's experience

What is it really like to have raised and lived on the support of others long-term?  Fiona Mearns speaks with Mike Frith.



Part Four - It's not all about the money

Why 2 Corinthians 8 & 9 provides a model for a sustainable ministry.  John Keskeys speaks with Stephen Mathews.

Extra resource:

Study on 2 Corinthians 8 & 9




Part Five - Getting people on side

Why ‘partnership in the gospel’ is important and how to make it central to your ministry.  Jackie Fletcher, Mike Frith and Stephen Mathews discuss.

Extra resources:

How To Lose Supporters Without Even Trying (blog)

Called to Send (blog)



Part Six - Accountability

What exactly is accountability? Why is it so important and how should it work?  Jackie Fletcher, Mike Frith and Stephen Mathews discuss.

Extra Resources:

Who's Holding Your Ladder?

Why Is Accountability So Important? (blog)

Watch more: Supporting Mission - a Stewardship YouTube series


Part Seven - Driving with your lights on

Admin and planning: boring, irrelevant or vital?  How to take the anxiety out of living on support.  Stephen Mathews speaks with Barrie Thompson.

Extra resources:

Start a budget



Part Eight - In a nutshell

Key takeaways and next steps.  John Keskeys, Mike Frith and Stephen Mathews sum up.

Extra resources:

Why do the Support-Raising Training? 

Key Issues for Christian Workers

Buy the book: Funding the Family Business






Whether you are in the early stages of enquiry, struggling to see how to finance your ministry or uncertain about the connection between money and your ministry, the short videos above will help you get to grips with some of the issues. 

They examine the feelings around living on financial support; look at giving and receiving through the lens of a variety of biblical settings; consider what is important when it comes to attitude, accountability and administration and give some pointers to key issues for anyone looking to raise financial support for ministry.

There are downloads to accompany some of the clips to help you further explore some of the issues raised in more detail.

Remember, these clips are intended as a starting point – for discussions, to spark further questions or perhaps as confirmation that further training or follow-up is right for you.  They are not meant to be a shortcut to understanding how to fund a ministry.  They are simply a starting point to help you set off in the right direction.

If you are reading this page you have already been in contact with Stewardship but if you have any questions relating to the material presented here, please email us