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your money and your life


Money is about more than practical finance; it’s a discipleship issue that reflects and shapes our relationship with God. Your Money and Your Life blends biblical wisdom and practical guidance to help us understand some important issues of money management, such as budgeting, credit, debt and saving.


Please note: the book is now out of print, however, these resources still provide a useful reference library in their own right.

Beyond Jordan - a Biblical perspective on budgeting

Can these dry bones live? - planning our financial goals

Clipping the coin - reflections on tithing

Credit Street - an overview of borrowing options

Credit Challenge 

Credit unions  - a short guide for churches

Debt in the Bible

Debt-free day - the journey to debt-free living

Debt sentence - how your church can help people in debt

The house of the wise - planning your savings

Net worth calculator 

Net worth table

On the 12th day - the Christmas budget challenge

Painting by numbers - a personal budget planner and guidance notes

Servant to the lender - the problem of credit

Small acorns - a children's money review checklist

Sowing the seed - where should our giving go?

A steward's commitment to financial freedom 

Taking care of the pennies - keeping a record of spending

What do you have in your house? - assets, liabilities and net worth

Where there's a will - legacy giving

Written on our hearts - learning to tell our money stories

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