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What to do when your church treasurer leaves

Church treasurers are not easy to find and losing one could be considered to be bordering on the careless! But if you find yourself in that position: don't panic. This paper explains the role of a church treasurer and what you can do, via delegation and outsourcing, to fill the void.

Topics covered:

  • What to do if your church treasurer leaves;
  • How to manage church finances as a team;
  • Creating the right environment for church finance to flourish;
  • What does a church treasurer do?
  • How should churches handle and account for income?
  • What makes up a typical payment cycle for a church?
  • How to record financial transactions in churches;
  • Why the church bank reconciliation is a vital financial control;
  • Churches and payroll, pension and employee benefits;
  • Churches and Gift Aid;
  • Financial budgeting and reporting in churches;
  • Churches and insurance.