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Resources for Christian Workers - Guide to Student Loan Repayment

For the next generation of Christian workers, those leaving university now and for the
foreseeable future, the repayment of student debt will be a significant and growing issue.

Although individual debt levels will vary, and the requirement to repay student debt is income
dependent, the very fact that a liability lurks in the background will for some be concerning. This paper outlines the repayment rules of the different loan schemes that are in place, but at the
outset we want to highlight two key issues which are particular concerns for Christian workers.

Topics covered:

  • Overview
  • Health warning
  • What constitutes earnings?
  • Mortgage style (pre 1998) loans
  • Income contingent repayment loans (Plan 1)
  • Income contingent repayment loans (Plan 2)
  • Legal obligation
  • Useful contacts