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Raising the Standard: transforming the culture of money in the church

We have taken the concept of the 'AAA' (Triple A) rating and applied it to churches and church finance. 'AAA' is shorthand for three attributes (attitude, administration & accountability) which we see as important for churches and church leaders to live by when it comes to finances and handling money. This paper looks at each attribute in turn and explores what it means to cultivate a 'AAA' culture in a church setting.

Topics covered:

  • What is a healthy attitude towards money for churches?
  • What is good financial administration in a church context?
  • Why is accountability so important within church finance?
  • What happens in churches where 'AAA' is not evident?
  • Whose responsibility is it to cultivate an 'AAA' culture within a church?
  • BONUS: Work through Stewardship's free 'Financial Health Check for Churches' tool to assess your church's strengths/weaknesses, and make a plan for the future.


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