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Raising our game: a practical approach to performance management of paid staff in churches

Work appraisals are common place in most jobs. At times they can seem painful and an exercise in 'ticking the right boxes' and so we ask the question in this paper 'has performance management really anything to do with the life and ministry of the church?'. Recognising that churches have different staffing levels, this paper seeks to help churches use performance management well to get the best from people by helping them to achieve their potential for the benefit of the church.

Topics included:

  • What has staff performance management to do with the church?
  • Why introduce staff performance management in churches?
  • What makes church different from other employers?
  • How to set-up staff performance appraisal in churches;
  • Who should manage staff performance in churches?
  • How to give good feedback following staff appraisals;
  • How to contribute towards improving people's performance;
  • Sample job descriptions for church leaders;
  • The avoidance of 'weasel words' in staff appraisals;
  • 50 ways to develop yourself (and others)