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Policies for Churches/Charities – Volunteer Management

Amount: £10.00

For all churches and many Christian charities volunteers make a distinctive and important contribution. Introducing a policy on volunteer management seeks to ensure that volunteers are supported and developed to ensure, as far as possible, that the role of volunteer is mutually beneficial to both the organisation and the volunteer. This template policy and the associated guidelines provide the basis for a volunteer management policy which churches and charities can easily adapt to meet their own particular circumstances.

Topics included

  • What is the main purpose for churches and Christian charities having a policy on volunteer management?
  • What should churches and charities consider before taking on volunteers and involving them in the organisation?
  • What should churches and charities make volunteers aware of at the start of the relationship?
  • How can churches and charities best manage and get the most out of their volunteers?
  • How can churches and charities best manage the retirement and the removal of volunteers?