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Policies for churches/charities – Investments

Amount: £10.00

There may be times when a church or a charity has funds in excess of its required cash reserves and, if allowed by its governing document, is seeking suitable ways to invest these funds. The introduction of an investment policy helps the trustees of a church or a Christian charity to control investment in ways that fulfil their responsibility when it comes to safeguarding the charity’s assets. This template policy and its associated guidelines provide the basis for an investment policy which churches and charities can easily adapt to meet their own situations.

Topics included

  • What is important for trustees to think about when formulating an investment policy?
  • How should a church or charity’s investment policy be linked to its reserves?
  • How can a church or charity set an appropriate investment risk profile?
  • What should church and charity trustees consider when investing in liquid assets or fixed term or fixed time bank investments?
  • What should church or charity trustees consider when considering investments other than simple bank deposits?