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Policies for Churches/Charities – Grant Making

Amount: £10.00

The making of grants by churches and Christian charities to other people and organisations able to help the donor church or charity fulfil its charitable purpose is a rich and prized tradition. Without a suitable policy in place, it can also be source of contention with some organisations seemingly being favoured over others. This policy, and the associated guidelines, provide the basis of a grant making policy that churches and charities can tailor to meet their own situation as well as the more practical issue of beneficiary ‘due diligence’.

Topics included

  • What are the priorities for your church or charity when it comes to making grants?
  • What principles will your church or charity apply when deciding which organisations to partner with?
  • What level of ‘due diligence’ is required before making a grant?
  • How frequently should ‘due diligence’ be updated?
  • How should grants be administered?