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Financial planning and budgeting for churches

For many churches, financial planning and budgeting is a way of life. For others it is a 'business tool' with no place in church life. This paper addresses ten common questions about church budgeting, from the Biblical principles underpinning it to the best way to create a church budget.

Topics covered:

  • Is financial planning and budgeting in churches Biblical?
  • Does a church budget remove our reliance on God?
  • Is financial planning and budgeting a good thing for a church?
  • Is it OK for a church to run a deficit operating budget?
  • Should churches run a seperate budget for large projects or initiatives?
  • Does the Charity Comission expect churches to operate a budget?
  • Is the budget the sole responsibility of the church treasurer?
  • Is creating a budget a purely accounting exercise?
  • Is there a set format for church budgets?
  • Once a budget is completed, is that it?