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Financial operating policy – gifts to ministers

Amount: £6.00

Pastors and ministers occupy a trusted and influential role in society and particularly amongst their own church’s congregation. In their role, they can often be the recipient of gifts, either from people or organisations outside of their church, or from church members and attendees. Certain gifts may give rise to employment related issues, whereas others may give rise to pastoral or other concerns. This template policy and its associated guidelines, provides the basis for a church or charity wishing to protect both the pastor or minister and the church in which they serve.

Topics included:

  • What policy should church trustees adopt when considering gifts to pastors from people and organisations outside of the church?
  • Should church employment contracts include specific clauses covering gifts to pastors from outside the church?
  • What policy should church trustees adopt for gifts to pastors from people within the church that the pastor or minister serves?
  • Should pastors seek prior consent before accepting sizeable gifts from people who attend the church that they serve?
  • Is there a place for a gifts register in churches?

Updated June 2022

Please note that this is one of the four policies within the Financial operating policy – complete set (stewardship.org.uk).