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Employment contract pack (including occupancy agreement) for charities

Amount: £300.00

Stewardship has joined forces with Anthony Collins, to produce this employment pack primarily for Christian charities. The pack includes a model contract of employment and various policies and procedures together with explanatory notes and also includes a model service occupancy agreement with explanatory notes. The aims of the pack are to ensure that your charity employs its workers in a way that is consistent with its constitution; explain the main options available to your charity as an employer; help you choose the most appropriate terms on which to employ; give you confidence to be able to agree reasonable terms of service in a cost effective way; and help you avoid the potential pitfalls of employment law.

Topics included:

  • Model contract of employment for charities 
  • Self-certificate for sickness absence   
  • Model charity worker disciplinary procedure
  • Model charity worker grievance procedure
  • Model charity worker code of conduct
  • Model expenses policy 
  • Model charity worker diversity, equity and inclusion statement 
  • Model carer’s leave policy          
  • Model time off for dependent’s policy
  • Model parental leave policy
  • Model maternity leave policy
  • Model paternity leave policy
  • Model adoption leave policy
  • Model shared parental leave (birth) policy
  • Model shared parental leave (adoption/surrogacy) policy
  • Model parental bereavement leave policy
  • Model flexible working policy
  • Model whistleblowing policy
  • Model health and safety policy
  • Model anti-harassment and bullying policy
  • Model data protection policy
  • Explanatory notes for the model contract of employment for charities
  • Model service occupancy agreement
  • Explanatory notes for the model service occupancy agreement

Last updated March 2024.