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Charity FAQ series: Can a charity...?

When you're thinking of forming a charity, there are bound to be multiple questions that crop up. 'Can a charity pay its trustees?' 'Can a charity buy land?' 'Can a charity trade?'

In this FAQ series 'Can a charity...?' our team of charity consultants address all of these common questions and others so you can feel confident and reassured in starting or developing your journey as a charitable organisation.

Questions included:

  • Can a charity pay or employ its trustees?
  • Can a charity insure trustees against personal liability?
  • Can a charity trustee resign?
  • Can a charity’s trustees delegate their responsibilities?
  • Can a charity’s property be held by someone other than the trustees?
  • Can a charity’s trustees buy land?
  • Can a charity’s trustees sell or lease land belonging to the charity?
  • Can the charity borrow money on the security of its land?
  • Can a charity trade?
  • Can a charity have aims that are political?
  • Can a charity be wound up?