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Liam and Rachel

Liam and Rachel Byrnes seem to revel in the complimentary nature of opposites – coming from Cornwall and Aberdeen would seem to bear this out but it’s also part of their vision for the work they are committed to in the township communities of Masiphuemelele, South Africa. For them, the message they proclaim is both spiritual and practical.

‘The people of Masiphuemelele face every kind of struggle: spiritual, financial, and relational. We’re keen to avoid the mistake of preaching a spiritual gospel but forgetting the financial and relational, or vice versa. We believe that the Christian gospel is concerned with the whole of creation, the whole of South Africa, the whole of Masiphuemelele, and the whole lives of every individual who lives there. Our challenge is to love these people in the same way that God does. Our vision is to bring people into a relationship with God and to demonstrate his goodness and transforming grace in every area of society.’

There’s no such thing as an ordinary day for Liam and Rachel as they plant churches, run back to work programs, combat human trafficking and rescue abandoned babies. How do they cope with these challenges on a daily basis?

‘We are guided by three things: that God loves us, that God loves the people we are working with, and that God loves the world which he created. We do not believe that God has removed himself from the injustice, pain and suffering we experience; in fact we believe that he is there in the midst of it.’

If you are inspired by Liam and Rachel’s ministry and want to find out more, visit their website where you can read their blog or subscribe to their newsletter.


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