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improving the stewardship of the money you receive


As our name suggests we really believe in the importance of good stewardship by all who handle money for the kingdom of God. For those that receive money, we want to introduce you to our ‘AAA rating’.

You may know that financial institutions have ratings which, if they are as good as they can get are rated ‘AAA’. We believe that those receiving funds should also have an AAA rating; but based on Kingdom, not worldy, values.  Our three 'A's, which we have created based upon Paul's advice on the offerings for the Jerusalem church (2 Corinthians), are:

  • advocacy
  • accountability
  • administration.

As you start in partnership with us we want you to have the best rating you can. Read more about our three 'A's below:

We want you to be passionate advocates for the work you do, to explain what you are doing, why it meets the needs of those you are serving and how it makes a difference to God's kingdom.

We believe firmly in the partnership between those that give and those, like you, who receive support – and together, we are partners in the work that is being done.

Giving is something that when done best comes from the heart, We find that communication is a key aspect of this and so we do encourage you to keep communicating with supporters. Different ways are available for doing this, but the key is ensuring that those that support you are involved not just at the level of their wallet but also at the level of the mind and heart; so they also know the joy of being involved as partners in the work you are doing.

Our email bulletins and Share magazine gives pointers and helps in this.

It is also important that those who receive funds are also accountable for their use.

To this end, we encourage transparency, integrity and timeliness, such as the prompt provision of information to those who require it. If you are a formal charity this involves preparation of formal accounts, often needing to be independently reviewed. For individuals receiving funds, such a legal framework does not exist, but we do encourage the same principles.

We encourage people to talk about money. This can be a bit of a problem culturally for some; it is very ‘un-english’ to talk about money let alone to ask for it. However, we believe it strengthens the bonds between receiver and giver for there to be openness about money. This is not only about saying how it has been spent but also being open about what will be needed. There is a fine line between begging and explaining the needs – but that is a line that is well trodden by those that handle money well.

Those who receive gifts from Stewardship are receiving charitable grants to fulfil our charity objectives of advancing evangelical Christianity, relieving poverty or distress, advancing education or otherwise promoting charitable work. From time to time we will need to ask you for information to ensure that this is still the case.

The final ‘A’, administration, may seem a long way from the excitement of front line ministry, but many have fallen because of the poor administration of money.

This involves good record keeping, commitment to communication, ensuring that all aspects of what you do complies with local law and regulations, including paying taxes where they are due (in the case of Christian workers). 

On this last point we would repeat that our understanding and interpretation of tax law is that, for Christian workers, donations that you receive from Stewardship should be viewed as personal taxable income, since they are given in most instances because of the vocation that you have as a Christian worker. If you are unsure on this please do talk to HM Revenue & Customs.

On our website there are many Briefing Papers, all free of charge, which help explain different areas of administration for charities. For individuals there is advice on budgeting and money management 

As you receive our email bulletins and magazines you will learn more of how these principles apply to many different situations. For specific queries please email [email protected] and one of our giving services team will help you find the advice that you need.

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