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start fundraising with for churches and charities - online fundraising from Stewardship is Stewardship's free online fundraising website for churches, charities and fundraisers. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for churches and charities to receive and raise money.  


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100% not-for-profit

We're a charity too so there are no profits at the end of the year. Anything left goes straight back into supporting our charitable activities. We are constantly reviewing our costs to ensure they are as low as possible. is 100% not-for-profit

We reclaim the Gift Aid for you...easy peasy!


We reclaim Gift Aid

We claim Gift Aid automatically, on a weekly basis, which ensures that reclaimed tax reaches you as soon as possible (usually between six to eight weeks).

Easy-to-use reporting

Stay up-to-date with how much you've raised and how successful your campaigns have been.

Easily accessed reports allow you to keep track of how much you have raised online. View them online or download to Excel or other software to help with your accounting, or in order to create mailings to supporters.

Access easy-to-use reports with just a few clicks

We offer lots of support, training and advice to help you achieve your fundraising goals


Lots of support and advice

Our easy-to-use website offers all the answers you need to start using If you do get stumped along the way, our team is full of experts ready to answer any questions you have. Contact them at [email protected] or on Twitter @give. on facebook on Twitter