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Make Jusus Known

“Having Stewardship on board has really helped to give our work credibility and gives supporters more confidence in giving.”

“I head up a pioneering evangelistic ministry called Make Jesus Known which, as the name suggests, is all about introducing Jesus to people that don't know him. We do this through a combination of rap music and preaching, using our state of the art mobile stage which allows us to target those people who would not go near a church or outreach event. We go to streets and parks, just about anywhere we can, and in the last 3 years have shared the gospel with over 100,000 people. Several hundred have responded to accept Jesus into their lives.

When we launched this ambitious ministry, our partnership with Stewardship gave credence to what we were doing. As such, supporters were more at ease with giving to a new, and untested, venture. The financial support we receive from Stewardship has enabled us to live full-time by faith (thanks to regular and one-off gifts) and also purchase much needed equipment for our work.

And the freedom to work full-time really makes a difference in the lives of those we meet. Take for example ‘S’, a believer from a Muslim background who we met whilst doing outreach on the streets. They wanted to know more so we continued to see them each week to explain the message of Jesus, being flexible to meet during lunch hours etc due to their Muslim family background. ‘S’ accepted Christ and now comes on our regular outreaches in Manchester to witness to other Muslims of what Jesus has done for them. We couldn’t have been there for ‘S’ if we weren’t working full-time.

As Make Jesus Known continues to develop, growing existing and new supporters with Stewardship is vital to the viability of our work. Regular giving, managed by Stewardship, frees us up to plan ahead and spend more time praying about (and doing) evangelism and less time worrying about our finances.

Having Stewardship on board has really helped to give our work credibility and gives supporters more confidence in giving!”


Tim Cooke
Manchester, United Kingdom

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