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how does a recipient account work?


A Stewardship individual recipient account is for those who have made a commitment to Christian work and rely (wholly, or mostly) on gift income for financial support. Individuals should be substantially full time in this work and expect to be so for at least six months.


what do we provide?

Find out what tools Stewardship provides within your recipient account...

We will give you:

  • Stewardship support forms to help in your recruitment of supporters. These contain your name, explain our relationship with you – as well as with them – and how their giving can be more effective.
  • Online management of your financial support, including details of our grants to you and the breakdown of requested donations from supporters.
  • Listing on our database for givers, if desired.
  • Notifications of new donations requested by supporters and amendments to donations requested by existing supporters.

how it works

Here are some of the things you can expect with a Stewardship recipient account...

With a recipient account, you can be assured of:

  •  An efficient flow of funds to your bank account, subject to our normal approvals.
  • Access to a handbook and training to give you skills and confidence to grow your support.
  • Advice and information on aspects of support raising and good stewardship of your resources.

what does it cost?

It's free!...

This may be a surprise, but we make no charge to you as a recipient of our services. Our costs are met partly by our donors and partly from our investment income.

how do I get things started?

Your next steps...

Just complete the application form. Once you have been approved by us and a fund has been established for you, we will provide you with all the tools you need to help you manage the financial aspects of your charitable work.


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The Hobbs Family“The security of our financial support leaves us free to focus on this valuable ministry.”

Helen & Dave Hobbs

Harare, Zimbabwe

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Make Jesus Known“Having Stewardship on board has really helped to give our work credibility and gives supporters more confidence in giving."

Tim Cooke

Manchester, United Kingdom

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There’s no such thing as an ordinary day for Liam and Rachel as they plant churches, run back to work programs, combat human trafficking and rescue abandoned babies.

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