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Project Leadership and Media Work, UK and Worldwide - Richard Matthews


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Grow is a mobile app which launched Easter 2022, designed to provide a healthy, positive and fulfilling social experience, alongside devotional plans and Christian content. While for anyone, our prime aim is to win and build the faith of younger generations (Gen Z, Younger Millennials) including students. Although the most connected generation and open to spirituality, many have grown up with little or no history with God, the church or the Christian faith. The app is completely free for individuals and organisations. We have no distracting advertising and rely 100% on God’s provision. Our aim is to expand Grow across the the world and give young people a safe place to spend quality time encountering God. Partnering with a number of youth organisations, we have 100 thematic devotional plans on the app utilising video, music, bible, prayer, images and GIFs. My role is to manage the business including strategy & marketing, building partner relationships and creating & moderating content.

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