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Christians in Sport

Registered Charity Number: 1086570

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At Christians in Sport we are: all in for Christ, all in on sport and all in it together.  

For us, sport is more than a game. It’s about who God made us to be.  

We bring these two loves together in one mission: to reach the world of sport for Christ.  

Operating for over 40 years, we mainly work with competitive and elite sportspeople, helping them to grow in their relationship with God through their sport and to give every sportsperson the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. 

We're thrilled to have match funding available for every new and increased monthly donation until December 2022. We’re calling it the Big Match.  

Our partners who are offering this matched funding opportunity believe passionately in the vision. Together, we see the need for more regular donations and how matched funding could help. Always and in all things, acknowledging that we remain utterly dependent on God.

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