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Essential Christian - Spring Harvest Holidays (France)


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Thank you for considering a gift to Spring Harvest Holidays.

We aim to provide superb holidays in an excellent environment at Le Pas Opton. We welcome all kinds of guests to be refreshed and renewed: spiritually, mentally and physically.

Our vision encompasses the development and wellbeing of our employees, including the provision of discipleship opportunities for young Christian volunteers to learn skills and gain experience that will prepare them for lives of Christian service, at home, in a workplace or mission-field. Your gift will enable us to support them.

We’re committed to working with partners to make holidays at Le Pas Opton accessible to people on lower incomes: your donation will help us to do that.

We’re enthusiastic about being a blessing to our local community. We worship Christ here in the Vendee and encourage the Church, both locally and nationally. We pray the work of the Gospel will be advanced in France. Your contribution will make a difference there, too.

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