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Ridley Community Church

Registered Charity Number: 1196428

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Ridley is located in the Green Street West ward, the Forest Gate area of the London Borough of Newham. This area is a Muslim-majority neighbourhood and is the most-Muslim electoral ward in Greater London according to the 2011 census. The area has  three large major mosques, as well as many smaller ones. There is also a large Sikh Gurdwaras next door to RCC.

Newham is the most diverse borough in London, a melting pot of ethnic groups; Indians, Pakistans, Bangladeshis, Africans, West Indians, East Europeans and White British. Impoverish and crime ridden area with;

*8% household income below £10,000 *40% earns less than the London living wage *22% children in low income Warring gangs and high violent youth crimes.

The congregation is warm, friendly and diverse, and also melting pot of diverse ethnic groups which reflects the community: Traditionally English East-Enders mixed with Africans, Muslim and Baha’i converts, West Indians, East Europeans, South Asians and now Americans.

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