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JustMoney Movement

Registered Charity Number: 1139618


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"We have a vision of a world where money shapes a fairer, greener future."

It’s not easy to talk about money, but we can’t afford not to. What we do with money, how wealth is shared, including through our tax system, and how money is used by investors, banks and companies, determines the kind of world we live in.

JustMoney Movement aims to be the go-to organisation for Christians and churches who want to connect faith, money and justice.

We educate, campaign and advocate, resourcing a movement of Christians and churches to act differently with our own money and speak out about money.

We believe such a movement can lead to changes in the way businesses and banks behave, in the policies set by government, and in people’s attitudes, all of which can help shape a fairer, greener world.

Your donations will support our campaigning, education and advocacy work to help individuals and churches to connect faith and finance. 

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