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Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

Registered Charity Number: 1173708

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Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be a national landmark about Jesus. It will be an architectural sculpture like the Angel of the North built in Coleshill, Birmingham. Eternal Wall will be built of one million bricks, and each brick will be linked to an answered prayer. Visitors will be able to interact with these testimonies using their phones or through our online database.

The answered prayers will tell of times when people prayed and God answered; whether that answer was yes, they had to wait for years, or even if the answer was no.

Eternal Wall has three main aims:

To preserve the Christian heritage of our nation

To ignite a faith for prayer on a national level

To reveal Christ to the nation

We believe that if God has done something once, He can do it again.When people visit Eternal Wall they will be able to read one million testimonies that each reveal a small glimpse of God’s character; we hope this will have a significant impact on our nation.

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