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Social Work & Evangelism, Thurrock - David Acreman

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Hi, I’m David Acreman and I am the Christians Against Poverty debt centre manager for the Thurrock area. For detailed information the work (and how people can request our help), check out the document at this link: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AhwVzbpwkH_zgrEmY8YYvVwDYfNCjg

I am asking for others to join in - others who are passionate about seeing God's people show compassion on the poorest in Thurrock and declare the message of Jesus. You have the opportunity to partner in these ways:

->Prayer - to receive the prayer email, contact me at [email protected]

->As a fellow worker or volunteer. To join in occasionally or regularly, contact me on 07505 104820.

-> By financially supporting me. To be the CAP Debt Centre Manager I need to give the equivalent of three full days work every week. This means three days less in my 'day job' of course! In order to be able to afford this and still provide for my family, I raise support from individuals and churches across Thurrock.

Thank you all!

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