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Balby, St John the Evangelist


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We seek to mould the services we offer to the needs of the community we serve. Everyone is welcome and everything is free, we make no charge for anything. Is the umbrella name we give to a series of activities we offer which are free at the point of access.

Monday: “The Big Sort” a volunteering opportunity as we sort donations and prepare for Tuesday

Tuesday: Free “Cups & Cakes” coffee shop offering free food and refreshments and access to clothes, toiletries, food and small household items banks.

Thursday: “Getting to Know You” arts and crafts group 

Friday: “Ignite” youth group for the 11-18 age group. We always end with a group game. 

We are different because we are open to everyone, make make no judgements, everything is free. We offer a safe and welcoming environment. By breaking down barriers we attract the marginalised in society. We use our activities as a vehicle to reach people who are struggling with their lives. 

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