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Bread of Hope

Registered Charity Number: 1170214


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Bread of Hope provides physical food by supporting local food pantries. Bread of Hope also provides spiritual food by helping people to:

• approach their work as worship;

• forgive others as God forgives them; and

• witness to those around them.


We believe that breaking bread together gives us a picture of the Christian life. The bread and the wine:

• show us that human work is involved in worship; and

• that we receive worth from God in order give worth out; and they

• witness to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Breaking bread together therefore gives us:

• a model of whole-life discipleship;

• which is also a glimpse of the new creation – the feast to come.

Since breaking bread together gives us a model of whole-life discipleship, our mission is to embody what breaking bread is all about, which we do by providing physical and spiritual food. And our vision is the feast to come, to which breaking bread together directs us.

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