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Project Leadership and Training Development, UK - Gordon Davidson

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I am passionate about helping people realise their potential in Christ and be awakened more to the awe of God. I currently serve on the leadership team of both Light & Life International and River Church in Paisley. I pursue my calling by helping people to recognise, and operate in, their God-given spiritual and creative gifts; organising outreaches into different spheres of society and building multi denominational teams to promote unity across the Body of Christ. I am also pioneering Catalyst, a place for people to explore their Spiritual gifting through mentorship and training and be transformed into their New Convenant identity.

Thank you for your support, which will help me continue the work I am involved with, to see God's Kingdom advance.

Gordon (& Jacquelyne) Davidson

Light & Life International: www.lightlife.org.uk | River Church: www.riverchurch.community | Catalyst: www.catalysthub.uk

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