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Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan


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Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan (FGA) is a network of 200+ center churches plus branch churches. The National Office manages social projects and provides supplemental support to its churches and pastors.

Social projects include:

- Events (e.g. annual evangelistic convention, leadership conference)

- Bibles distribution

- Women's ministry

- Children's Sunday School

- Adult Welfare technical training

- Boys' and girls' hostels (orphanages)

- Midwifery training

- Education project

- Scholarships

- Emergency & Relief (e.g. coronavirus relief)

FGA Education Project provides low-cost primary Christian schooling to poor Pakistani girls and boys. Discrimination, persecution, low social status, loss of parents and trafficking is the reality faced by the 22.6 million Pakistani children not in school, especially religious minorities. This project supports 25 schools educating 2700 children and employing 175+ teachers/staff. [email protected]

(FGA Theological Seminary now has its own Stewardship account.)

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