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Pastoral Work and Project Leadership, UK - David Cole

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David Cassian Cole is the founder and Executive Director of Waymark Ministries and Deputy Guardian of The Community of Aidan & Hilda.

Waymark Ministries endeavours to present the Christian faith from different perspectives for spiritual seekers who may not feel comfortable in or with traditional or mainstream church.

With teachings based on the 
Christian Contemplative and Mystic tradition, and ancient 'Celtic' Christianity, Waymark Ministries offers retreats, workshops and local events, as well as online courses and fresh expressions of church to help people live in the sacredness of every moment and of every created thing, and to live in the awareness of the Divine presence in every moment and in every created thing. 

The Community of Aidan & Hilda is an international ecumenical New Monastic Community who endeavor to develop a holistic Christian spirituality for today with people who journey with God through living by a Rule of life, with a Soul Friend, with a daily rhythm of prayer.

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